Are Your Kids SpringHill Standouts?

For nearly fifty years, we've created experiences that have enabled young people to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We're all about Him and His message of grace, hope, and love. As a partner in your child's journey, everything we do focuses on teaching these messages to kids through faith and fun.

We focus on taking risks, stretching limits, and heeding Jesus's words repeated in variants of "be not afraid." SpringHill enables young people to see, hear, and experience the gospel from the moment they step into a SpringHill experience until they leave, whether it's at one of our overnight properties, or in a city, suburban, or rural location at a Day Camp experience.

This assessment is designed to be used as a tool for you—the parent, teacher, or group leader—on your journey of living and leading with Adventurous Faith. You might already embody this principle in your life, or you might be at a place where you're looking to cultivate more of it for your kids and their faith experience. Wherever you are, this quiz can help guide you. Answer each question with honesty. And remember, there are no wrong answers.

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