Experience = Everything: Life Transformation the SpringHill Way

Michael Perry’s newest book, Experience = Everything: Life Transformation the SpringHill Way helps readers understand the magic of SpringHill Camps, which has impacted the lives of over half a million children over the last fifty years. Outlining what makes the SpringHill experience so unique and powerful, Perry gives personal accounts of how lives have changed by attending these summer programs.

One such camper experience inspired the title of Perry’s book and encapsulates the SpringHill experience best:

“I was on our zipline and I had been struggling…should I really trust Christ? I mean, really trust Him with my life? And then we go on the zipline and the leaders talk about how for us to go down the zipline, we have to trust the cable that goes across the lake, trust the harness that we’re in, we have to trust the pulleys that will go down the cable. We have to put our trust in them. If we don’t do that and we don’t take the step off the platform, we’ll never get to the end. We’ll never get across the lake. But it requires this trust.”

She continued,

“My leader explained, it’s the same with Christ. We need to trust Him. We need to be able to step out with Him and know that He has us, holding onto us so that we won’t fall. So, I stepped off the platform, went down, and got to the end of the zipline, and I realized, yeah, this is what I need to do with Christ. I need to trust Him just like I trusted the cable and the harness and everything else that comes down the zipline.”

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Perry’s Experience = Everything: Life Transformation the SpringHill Way outlines SpringHill’s success of inspiring, motivating, and changing lives by sharing:

  • the sole, driving mission from its beginning,
  • what the "SpringHill experience” really means,
  • how lives are changed through faith and friendship,
  • the personalized approach given to each camper,
  • the unique and deliberate involvement of the staff and counselors, and
  • how transformations made at camp extend to the home and beyond.
Michael Perry Book Cover

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Michael Perry Book Cover

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